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The ACT 3 step "Conversion Formula" combines the proven ad agency success model with online automation and leverages the power of the internet to drive hungry buyers to your offers


It even works for selling from stage!


  • Fast & Easy.  Broken down in layman's terms with easy to follow step by step videos

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5 Powerful Conversion Strategies For You To Model

Avatar Profit Validation

Easily identify your most profitable market segment and discover their secret language


When you speak that language you'll repel all the tire kickers and time wasters so you Attract More Profitable Prospects

Create Demand & Desire

Selling becomes superfluous when you create demand & desire for your products and services. This is done by seducing the heart with promise of their desired outcome


Your Ideal Prospects Will WANT To Buy!

Big Idea Framework

"The Big Idea" is the foundation of all successful marketing campaigns. If sales are suffering you probably don't have one!


This is the framework to
Make Every Ad Campaign a Success

Elvis Shift

Shift your marketing message to focus on what is important to your ideal prospects and you'll magically begin to

Attract Raving Fans Like Elvis

Franklin Objection Eliminator

The only thing standing between you and a sale is an objection.

This strategy Eliminates All Objections and competitors in one sweep.

MOFO Converter

YES, If you implement all 5
of these powerful strategies

"YOU WILL Convert Like A MOFO"

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Limited Time Bonus

FREE Interactive Sales Video System
(As long as you are an active member)

Imagine the power of engaging your web visitors
with your Automated Sales Attendant.


She can ask the right questions to find out what is most important to your visitors and then cater her presentation based on their desires.


Now I'm not saying to fire your expensive, finicky sales staff, But...

Full Support to Get You Going Fast

ACT is the only system that fully supports you for as long as it takes.

How many programs have you bought and realized once you got home that you were over your head feeling lost and no one to help? These are the programs that become shelf help (AKA Broken Promises).

The ACT Program comes with a full support and mentoring system for under 30 bucks a month for as long as you need it. We have video conference calls each week for you to get all your questions answered. John is there for you each week to help you every step of the way.
(YES, For as long as it takes!)

Our goal is to get you up and running with a successful marketing campaign that converts prospects into paying customers. Our support is to make sure that gets accomplished. We never give up on you. All you have to do is show up and get the assistance you need.

This is the last program you are ever going to need!

About the Creator: John Limbocker

John is one of the pioneers of SEO. His first SEO clients with websites that converted traffic into sales quickly racked up over 100 million in online sales from search ranking and traffic.


In 2008 John revealed exactly how he magically ranked his clients through an online training course . His hope was to give small business owners the ability to leverage the power of the internet to drive sales.


John quickly realized that he could easily teach anyone to get traffic, BUT it didn't mean they'd be able to convert it into sales. Without conversion all the traffic in the world is worthless.


John wanted to truly level the playing field for small business owners. So he created a new online training program to reveal the exact formula ad agencies use to develop high converting marketing campaigns. The 3 main steps are Analysis- Creation-Traffic which is why he calls it ACT.


Today John devotes over 90% of his efforts helping small business owners achieve the freedom they deserve. He does this by automating the process of turning web browsers into paying customers through developing Home-run Marketing Campaigns.


John says, “One Home-run Marketing Campaign can change your business and your life, Forever!”.

And that is what he is going to share with you today in the ACT Program!

"What People Are Saying"

This program applies to any and every business out there.

It's incredible you Need This!



Dean Cain


"The first time I met John Limbocker he stunned & silenced an entire audience of elite marketers with what he revealed.  You should  listen to everything he has to say about Marketing."

Matthew Woodward

Award winning business & Internet Marketing Expert

ACT gave me the knowledge to better resonate with my audience.

I got a 30% conversion to new customers all because I changed my message using John's ACT Program

Chris McLean

Owner/Producer Beyond Film


You Do Not Have To Do The Work!


Buy the program and have your team do it for you...

I will personally train your team to do this for you

So Here's What you Get...

ACT, The Ultimate Marketing Protocol

  • Step by Step Video Instruction

    Detailing each step of the process and revealing all the secrets that have been used by ad agencies for over 100 years to convert prospects to highly profitable customers

  • Full Support (Weekly Mentoring)

    This is where we really shine. This is the only program with ongoing support for as long as you need it. John has been doing his weekly mentoring calls since 2008. He is at your disposal for anything you need assistance with

  • Fill In the Blanks Workbook

    Complete workbook and fast action cheat sheets that quickly create your high converting marketing campaigns

  • Pass The Buck (Bonus)

    You can get all the results without doing any of the work. That's right! Just delegate it to anyone on your team and I will train & supervise your team to make sure they do it right for you

  • Automated Sales Attendant

    Imagine having the power of a live sales person on your website asking your visitors questions to discover what is important to them and presenting your offering in the most effective way. We call it Interactive Sales Video!

  • No Risk (Shark Bite Guarantee)

    We're so confident that during your 1st 30 days you'll be absolutely thrilled with the program. if that is not the case just let us know the shark bit it and we will refund you 100% on the spot

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Imagine the Confidence and Pride You're Going To Feel when you can Predictably Grow Your Business

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If You are really serious about creating true freedom in your life,
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I urge you to stop the madness of going to seminar after seminar,
buying products promising the world and delivering nothing.


You need to work smarter not harder

The key is knowing exactly what to do...

It's time for you to model success


  • It's time for you to invest in a complete proven system that works
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It's time for you to get Your ACT Together and Order ACT now!


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There are imitators...

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